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>> Link to the zip with the audio

As part of the ongoing efforts to move most of my projects to Newgrounds, I wanted to share this 16 minutes of piano ideas from back in August when I was still in the thick of uni work. It was the fourth week of semester 2, second year of creative media production. These sketches were made for the game Acolyte as part of a vertically streamed paper for the course. They never ended up getting used, in fact I don't think I ever even sent them to the group discord server so they just sat on my computer. I've enjoyed listening to them which is rare for anything musical made by myself. Probably ties into the fact that I was trying something different with these sketches for once. I was sticking pretty hard to one of the modes, I can't remember which, which lead to some cool sounding things. There's more than one point where it drags a bit, but there's also some ideas there which I feel could be easily elaborated upon which got cut off in this pile of sketches.

It's a shame that the dumping grounds don't have support for audio files! I love posting music and sound work wips, something the audio portal isn't really for. It's interesting though, alternatives for this kind of thing seem to be dwindling. Soundcloud either has or is about to implement a 12 submission maximum on free accounts. They were probably still losing money running the platform but wow this change is pretty damning for their community. I doubt Tumblr's longevity, and with the purge pretty much a year ago, the place feels like a wasteland. Most of those who I followed platform jumped, deleted their accounts, with a very small few clinging on.

It's interesting to me seeing that this account is slowly but surely approaching 10 years of age. I've lurked here, making the odd forum post and review here and there, but have remained largely quiet. This is my first proper news post, I still don't have a page bio written out, my header image works but is otherwise boring, and wow i've submitted next to nothing to the site. I can't promise that will change, i've made that promise so many times in the past 7 and a bit years and nothing has come of it. It saved me the embarrassment of having some opinionated 12 year old posting on this page, but now it's time for the slow process of getting more content on here.

It's 5am here in NZ now and this post is a hot mess.

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